5kW Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System

5kW Photovoltaic Grid-Connected System

Brief Project Background

The PV grid connect system has solar array size of 5kWp comprising of 2 sub arrays of 2.55kW each and 1 x
SMA Sunny Boy SB5000TL-21 grid connect inverter.

All equipment was supplied by Clay Energy and Global Sustainable Energy Solutions was contracted to provide training to local technicians to conduct the installation as a practical teaching exercise for certification.
The installation of the grid-connected PV system was carried out under guidelines of the Sustainable Energy Industry Association of the Pacific Islands (SEIAPI) which adopts the existing Australian & New Zealand standards.

For more information or inquiries into purchase, the Low Carbon Islands project was supplied by www.clayenergy.com.fj 

Solar Panels: 20 x Trina 225W

Inverter: 1 x SMA Sunny Boy SB5000TL

Solar Panel Mounting: Aluminium Roof mount structure

Monitoring: Outdoor Enclosure

PV solar power generated annually: 7255000 Wh (Estimated)