National Policies & Regulations

Niue Strategic Energy Road Map
The Niue Strategic Energy Road Map 2015–2025 (NiSERM) builds on the 2005 Niue National Energy Policy and the Niue National Strategic Plan (NNSP) 2014–2019, and is aligned to current national, regional and international emerging issues relating to the energy sector. Having joined other Forum Islands Pacific Leaders in endorsing the Framework for Action on Energy Security in the Pacific (FAESP) in 2010 and the Majuro Declaration for Climate Leadership in 2013, Niue is committed to achieving its energy goals and to be guided by four key elements of energy security: → access to modern energy services; → affordability of energy; → energy efficiency and productivity; and → environmental sustainability. The Government of Niue (GoN) decided to develop the NiSERM to guide the whole-of-country approach towards achieving a vision shared by the government, public stakeholders, private operators, communities and development partners, the vision of: A sustainable and secure energy sector
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Nauru Energy Road Map
The Nauru Energy Road Map 2014 – 2020 builds upon the energy sector development agenda laid out in the National Sustainable Development Strategy 2005 -2025 (revised 2009) and the National Energy Policy Framework (NEPF) of 2009. The purpose of the NSDS, the NEPF and that of the Nauru Energy Road Map is to enable the achievement of Nauru’s overall vision of “A future where individual, community, business and government partnerships contribute to a sustainable quality of life for all Nauruans”. The Nauru Energy Road Map will contribute to the long-term development goals of a stable, trustworthy, fiscally responsible government; provision of enhanced social, infrastructure and utilities services; development of an economy based on multiple sources of revenue; rehabilitation of mined out lands for livelihood sustainability; and development of domestic food production.
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