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About the Calculator

This calculator aims to calculate the consumption of energy per item in a household. This is based on your estimates of average daily usage (ie, if you a washing machine five days out of seven per week for 45 minutes each use, you divide 5/7 and multiply by 0.75 hours, giving you an average daily usage of 0.535 hours.) It also highlights the costs accrued from your energy consumption & in respective currencies.

Outlined below are instructions to using the calculator. We hope you find the tool useful & that it will influence positive change for a greener environment.


  • Select an item by clicking on the link “Add Item”.  It allows you to choose from set of predefined appliances that you can choose from.
  • Select “Other” from the list if you do not see the item you are looking for.
  • Qty – This defines the item total that you are using. For example  “You have 2 Television Sets “. In this instance the Qty is ” 2″ for the item “TV”.
  • Daily Usage – This defines on average the number of hours the item is used per day. You are to use values between 1 to 24.
  • Wattage (W) – This is the amount of power drawn by the electrical item chosen when in use.
  • Replacement Appliance Wattage (alt W) – This is where you input the wattage of any appliance you may seek to replace the current model you are using and may be used as a means of predicting your monthly savings upon switching to more energy efficient models of each electrical item.
  • Kilowatt Hour (kWh) – This is the unit that is used to measure energy consumption, derived from the amount of power drawn by the electrical item multiplied by the amount of time you estimate the item is in use per day.
  • Kilowatt Hour Savings with Replacement Appliance ( saved kWh) – This is the unit that is used to measure energy consumption, derived from the amount of power drawn by the alternative appliance wattage you’ve listed for the new electrical item wattage you’ve included under “Replacement Appliance Wattage.”
  • Difference – This field defines the difference between the current wattage of the appliance being used and the wattage of the prospective appliance that you may use to replace your old appliance (alt W).
  • % of Total – This field defines the percentage of energy the item uses relative to the total energy use by all the appliances listed to give you an idea of which electrical items are creating the largest energy demand in your household.

Icon Appliance Qty Daily Usage Wattage Replacement Appliance Wattage kWh Difference % of Total
Total (kWh)
% Savings




Tariff Rate (kWh) AU$0.30 NZ$0.50 AU$0.25
Monthly Energy Usage (kWh)
Energy Cost(Monthly)